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Save precious time.

Spend it on your core business. I'll do the research for you.

Every week I pick 1 big business trend to research. And study it thoroughly during over 30 hours.

You'll get actionable insights on how to profit more, cut costs or just rationalize your operations.

All in a short 5-minute weekly report.

Make confident decisions.

Each report contains dozens of down-to-earth insights and proven tools.

All geared towards making your daily decision-making easier. Get a second opinion that you can trust.

And it's not just random bullet points - everything is arranged in a clear and concise structure under 10 logical sections.

If you're still on the fence about whether to join: read a sample report below.

Get the full view.

Signals Pro reveals even more. You get up to 3x the insights (200% more) and the full story.

A few insights that only the Pro-subscribers have received:

  • How a community was built to $140K/MRR.
  • AI-powered tools that optimize Hacker News & Product Hunt launches.
  • How to make over $10k/month from web design?
  • How to utilize minimalistic productivity systems?

By the way, there's a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days if you don't feel satisfied.


See the trends with Signals Free. Learn how to leverage them with Signals Pro.

Signals Free


Save 10 hours of trends research weekly.
20 insights per report.

Signals Pro - Yearly Subscription



Get the next 52 reports + all past reports.
Save 1500+ hours of trends research annually.
Get 3000+ actionable insights per year.
Up to 200% more insights compared to free reports.
Access the Pro-report library anywhere 24/7/365.

Signals Pro - Single Reports



Save 30+ hours of trends research per report.
Up to 200% more insights compared to free reports.

What you'll get.

Each report is full of insights helping you to gain a competitive edge. Dozens of bullet points organized across 10 different sections.

Help to get started

For each trend, I'll cover the best strategies and steps on how to get the ball rolling.

Tools and resources

Dozens of tools and resources that help you get to work right away.

Real world examples

You'll get an independent take on both the good and the bad.

Unbiased pros and cons

Case studies on how other companies have leveraged the same trends and achieved success.

Predictions for the future

Independent analysis of where the trends are going and how you can continue to leverage them.

Is Signals for me?

It is if you tick even one of the boxes below.

You are a busy solopreneur or a founder

You've got 99 problems but doing research shouldn't be one.

You don't have $20k to spend on research

Skip a Gartner-subscription but still get high-quality insights.

You want to cut through the noise

Tired of overhyping and buzzwords? I'll skip the fluff and tell you how it is.

Wall of love 💙

 "Very impressed with Signals. It’s full of highly relevant, actionable insights on new trends."

Adam Hyman

"Paints a clear picture of pros and cons of business possibilities. Definitely recommend."

Bryan Ho

Founder at Startup Illustrated 

"A lot of valuable insights centralized in one place - great for time and money optimizers like me."


Founder at Tough Love Resume 

"If you haven’t subscribed to Signals, you are missing out!"

Hua Shu

Founder at FontDiscovery 

"Really like the content and the format."

Cesc Vilanova

"Signals is the coolest thing I have seen on BetaList in weeks! Shared it with a colleague too."

Tea Bano

Founders are frequently asking:

How does it work?

It's simple. Just sign up and you'll get a 5-minute trend research report to your inbox every week. 100% free.

For those who want to dive deeper, Pro-reports containing 200% more insights are available as follows:
- $99/year
- $15/report

Who is this for?

Signals reports fit like a glove for solopreneurs / small business owners / executives who want to:

  • Understand how game-changing trends are challenging today's businesses.
  • Learn what opportunities lie within.
  • Know among the first how to turn these trends into increased profits and decreased costs.
  • Stay ahead of the curve and competition.
Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes. Pro-reports are available as a continuous plan for $99/year.

But... couldn't I find all of this info online for free?

Yes, but it's probably scattered in many places. Information is easy to get. Insights are harder. 

It takes time to read, analyze and understand. A lot of it. I spend weekly over 30 hours reading/watching/listening to dozens or hundreds of resources related to each topic. On top of that, I summarize, write and polish everything to an easily digestible report. I also regularly talk to other experts in a given field to confirm my views.

That's time and energy you'll save for running your core business and doing what you love.

Is it easy to unsubscribe/cancel?

Yes it is. If the content is no longer relevant to you, there is an unsubscribe button at the end of each email.

For cancelling the subscriptions, please follow the instructions given here or contact me.

If you're unhappy about your subscription during the first 30 days, let me know why and I'll refund you 100%.

Where can I send feedback or questions?

In Twitter: @sarkka_timo. Or you can send an email. I'm usually quite fast to respond :-)

Join 2,500+ founders seeing around corners.

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